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Calorifiers more widely specified and installed

Here at Wilson Hot Water we have noticed an increase in the specification and use of Calorifiers…particularly for use with DHW (Domestic Hot Water). Storage calorifiers are a useful means of recovering waste heat from a variety of liquids or vapours and particularly in our industry, liquids being hot water and vapours being steam. By using these heat sources the long term running cost is reduced from that of stand-alone gas or electric boosted hot water heaters/systems.

At Wilson we offer two styles of calorifiers…those being the traditional tube and bundle arrangement and more recently, high performance finned tube heating coils which are then fitted to our range of stainless steel vessels, manufactured from either high grade Duplex 2205 or the ever robust 316 stainless steel. Vessels are available in sizes from 400 litres to 5000 litres and can be configured vertically or horizontally, dependent on the kW load required and/or the plant room limitations.

A recent project required the use of a 3000 litre vessel with a 1362 kW steam bundle however to ensure the vessel performed as required, consultation with the specifier and installer was paramount. Initially the proposal was for the vessel to be vertical however for efficient use of the 1362 kW bundle this meant the vessel had to be horizontal, this in turn meant the calorifier had to be located in a different area of the facility than originally planned…all of which was achieved by continual consultation with the specifier, installer and builder.

At Wilson Customised Hot Water we offer the service of design, verification and registration to AS1210, AS4343 and AS4398 (Watermark) while being manufactured at our facility in Melbourne, Australia.

3000 Litre Calorifier

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