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ECO₂ Transcritical CO₂ Heat Recovery Vessels

Wilson Hot Water has developed the ECO₂ range of transcritical CO₂ heat recovery vessels, manufactured in Australia.

CO₂ is being used as a refrigerant for supermarkets, industrial freezers, cold storage and heat pumps, among other applications. Wilson ECO₂ uses specially manufactured heat exchange coils because transcritical CO₂ systems can produce high temperatures and pressures. The coils are high finned to provide efficient heat transfer to the heating hot water within the vessels and ultimately to the system.

The vessels are available in a range of sizes using multiple heat exchange coils offering bespoke solutions. Wilson says they can also be designed and engineered to project specific requirements and kW ratings. The ECO₂ vessel is manufactured from stainless steel, cased in Colorbond, and insulated with polyurethane foam to improve heat retention.

ECO₂ offers a responsible and sustainable commercial heating solution, the only transcritical CO₂ heat recovery vessel manufactured in Australia.

“You will be backed by Wilson’s more than 90 years’ industry experience, a local partner with local expertise to get the job done. We make your waste heat energy, work for you.”

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