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Air receivers are tanks used for compressed air storage and are recommended to be in all compressed air systems. Wilson Hot Water custom build stainless steel air receivers to AS1210 – construction of unfired pressure vessels, which has been incorporated into many federal, state, and local laws. Standard receivers are designed for horizontal or vertical mounting.

Stainless Steel Air Receivers Features:

  • Offer additional storage capacity made to compensate for surges in compressed air usage.
  • Contribute to reduced energy costs by minimizing electric demand charges associated with excessive starting of the compressor motor.
  • Separate some of the moisture, oil and solid particles that might be present from the air as it comes from the compressor or that may be carried over from the aftercooler.
  • Decrease wear and tear on the compression module, capacity control system and motor by reducing excessive compressor cycling.
  • Eliminate pulsations from the discharge line.
  • Help reduce dew point and temperature spikes that follow regeneration.
  • The benefit of extra storage capacity alone outweighs the additional cost of this component.

Wilson Hot Water offer both Wet and Dry Air Receivers.

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