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The Wilson Electronic Cuppa range has a size to suit everyone’s requirements with 13 models to choose from, in either white colorbond or stainless steel finish. Commencing at 2.5 litres, which will suit a small factory, to the massive 60 litre unit with 2 outlet taps for quick discharge of boiling water which make them ideal for commercial kitchens and restaurants.

The Electronic Cuppa Boiling Water features:

  • Stainless steel tank – 2.5 litre, 5 and 10 litre
  • Fully automatic
  • 1 year warranty on parts and labour
  • Choice of white colorbond or stainless steel finish

As the Wilson Electronic Cuppa is electronically controlled there is a minimum fluctuation of water temperature and servicing is made simple by the use of only 2 moving parts: float valve and draw off tap which keeps service costs low.

Electronic Cuppa Boiling Water
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